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  • Being in a relationship is hard. Whether we’re talking about a romantic relationship, parent-child relationship, or an entire family system, sharing life with another human being can be difficult.


    People seek couples and/or family therapy for a variety of reasons. When communication becomes difficult for one reason or another, talking things through with an objective, supportive third party can have a major positive impact.


    Couples’ Therapy


    Communication lies at the heart of most couples’ issues; couples therapy is aimed at increasing empathetic understanding, improving effective communication, and providing an opportunity for mutual growth. Therapy can have an incredible, positive impact on the couple as a whole and also each partner, individually.


    Some reasons a couple may seek therapy:


    • Feeling like you just don’t communicate well anymore

    • Feeling like you are just occupying the same space

    • Feeling like you are just going through the motions

    • The occurrence, possibility, or consideration of an affair

    • A decline or change in your sex life

    • Feeling like you are longer able to resolve your differences

    • Feelings of resentment

    • Feeling like you don’t see eye to eye (on one or many issues such as finances, work, raising children, etc.)

    • A desire to strengthen the relationship

    • The need to work through something that has happened

    • Feeling like your partner has become a stranger

    • Feeling like everything your partner does annoys you


    Family Therapy


    Families are complex systems. Each family member can have a strong impact on each of the other members, and on the family unit as a whole. When families face struggles, therapy can help rebuild the confidence and strength necessary to resolve the unique and complex issues, transitions, and crises that families face.


    Family therapy focuses on encouraging positive change, resolving conflict, understanding one another better, and improving overall interactions within the family.


    Some reasons a family may seek therapy:


    • Trouble dealing with conflict

    • Difficulty processing and coping with familial crisis

    • Struggling with a significant loss or change

    • Seeking help to improve familial communications and interactions


    We offer an environment one in which family members can feel open and comfortable sharing their experiences and feelings with each other. Our goal is to provide greater insight and improved communication within the family.