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  • Behavioral Health Providers offers specialized therapy for individuals and families seeking help with issues related to the physical and mental effects of the aging process. Areas of concern may include everything from the retirement transition clear through to the end of life.


    One of the central issues that the elderly must cope with is loss. People deal with death much more frequently in their senior years. Particularly difficult are the losses of spouse and lifelong friends. Other losses are physical: impairments in hearing, vision, or mobility and worsening of overall health. Many individuals also deal with the loss of independence and, to some degree, dignity.


    Some reasons a family or individual may seek therapeutic support for gerontological issues:

    • Alzheimers, dementia, or other cognitive concerns

    • Loss of mobility

    • Poor health

    • Feeling trapped

    • Difficulty finding satisfaction or fulfillment in daily activities

    • Feeling useless or purposeless

    • Financial concerns

    • Loss of spouse, friends, or family

    • Ageism

    • Elder abuse or fraud

    • Mistreatment in care

    • Exploitation of financial or physical resources

    • Difficulty coping with new demands

    • Transitioning to retirement

    • Transitioning to other lifestyle changes

  • There are many areas of concern that are specific to people of advanced years. We are here to offer support and help you navigate the journey. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.