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  • For Your First Appointment

    Contact us
     today and we will work with you to schedule a convenient initial appointment with one of our team.


    Then on the day of your appointment please...


    1.  Bring your Insurance Card


    2.  Bring the insured individual's State Issued ID


    3.  Complete the following appropriate Intake Form(s):

    All Intake Forms - 7 pages (click here to open)

    General Information Form - 2 pages (click here to open)

    Financial and Treatment Policy Form - 2 pages (click here to open)

    Primary Care Physician Notification Consent Form - 2 page (click here to open)

    Minor Consent Form - 1 page (click here to open)

     4.  Save these forms for your records


     5.  Print and Bring these forms or Email them to us before your initial visit


  • Insurance


    We accept most insurance plans and will work with your health insurance provider for you. This includes submission of your claim. The full fee or co-pay (based on your insurance coverage) is due at the time of service.

    If clients are using insurance, it is important to be aware of your exact insurance coverage - restrictions, limitations, and any pre-certifications, deductibles, etc. 

  • Cancellation Policy


    Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the agreed upon session time will be subject to a $50 fee, and a $60 no call/show fee will be applied to one's account if no notice is given before missing an appointment.