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  • Behavioral Health Providers understands that individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, or intersex may face challenges that differ from those faced by heteronormative individuals.


    Areas of concern may include pressures related to societal stigmatization, prejudice and discrimination, as well as personal issues relating to gender identity, sexual orientation, romantic and intimate relationships, and relationships with family and friends. Additionally, LGBT parents may face further challenges.


    Some reasons a family or individual may seek therapeutic support for LGBTQI issues:

    • Understanding sexual orientation & gender identity

    • When mom or dad is LGBTQI

    • "Coming out" and disclosure to family, friends & co-workers

    • Relationship satisfaction

    • Coping with social stigma, bias & homophobia

    • Challenges for couples

    • Parenting an LGBTQI child

    • Depression and anxiety

    • Relationships with family and friends

  • Additionally, LGBTQI parents may seek therapy to help with issues such as:


    • How (and when) to come out to your children

    • Preparing your kids for their friends' inevitable questions

    • Helping your sons and daughters understand their origins

    • How your sexual orientation/gender identity impacts their own

    • Challenges in everyday child management and child rearing

  • There are many areas of concern that are specific to people within the LGBTQI community. We are here to offer support and help you navigate life’s journey. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.