• Steve Guziec is passionate and dedicated to his role of walking alongside his clients in their unique quest for growth. He has a special interest in helping people who have been victimized by cults and other dangerous groups, including destructive religious groups. This type of therapy is sometimes referred to as “exit counseling.” Steve’s approach is to collaborate with his clients so that they can discover answers within themselves. He utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques, which are customized to each client’s needs.
    Steve holds a Masters degree in clinical psychology from Benedictine University, is a Licensed Professional Counselor LPC in the state of Illinois. He is a member of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). Steve is working on a groundbreaking approach to help therapists and counselors better identify and treat victims of destructive groups.
    Steve is available for speaking arrangements for educators, mental health professionals, politicians, law enforcement personnel, parents and community groups. Contact us to arrange for Steve to speak to your group.