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  • If you have been involved in a coercive group – religious or otherwise – you may be feeling lost, ashamed, guilty, and like the entire world is unfamiliar, strange, and even scary. It’s okay to be feeling this way, and it’s important that you get help from a qualified therapist who can help you navigate this strange new world.


    The fact is that cults are often viewed by mainstream society as small, fringe sects; the brunt of “Spacemen and Kool-aid”-type jokes. However, cults are very often much larger and more prevalent than people realize, and in fact frequently operate in the wide open, under the guise of a safe and welcoming organization.


    If you have been victimized by a cult, you are in the right place to receive help. Steve Guziec, LCP, is an expert in the field of cults and cultic abuse. Steve’s passion is helping people who have been victimized by cultic groups. Steve has worked with internationally-renowned cult experts, and has spent countless hours in reading and research, in order to gain a solid understanding of how to help cult victims recover and develop feelings of confidence, security, and satisfaction in their daily lives.


    Some reasons a victim of cultic abuse may choose therapy: 

    • Currently trapped in a coercive group, and want to leave

    • Formerly a member of a coercive group

    • Disfellowshipped or excommunicated

    • Shunned by family and friends

    • Feeling disconnected after leaving the group

    • Unable to shake feelings of guilt and remorse after leaving the group

    • Unsure if the group you or a loved one are involved in is actually a cult

    • Feelings of depression, isolation,  or grief after leaving a destructive group

    • Sleep difficulties

    • Problems with attention, concentration and focus

    • Substance use

    • Feelings of low self-esteem

    • Sexual issues, concerns or questions

    • Concerns about behaviors

    • Concerns about emotions

    • Concerns about thoughts

    • The desire to increase self-understanding and self-insight

    Enhancement of positive qualities, strengths, and behaviors

  • There is no shame in having been involved in or victimized by a cultic or coercive group, just as there is no shame in seeking therapeutic support in your journey toward healing and wholeness. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.